Love That Design Launches Specification Platform for Design and Construction

Introducing .STUDIO, an advanced digital platform enables teams to work more effectively, from tracking sales and products to managing projects, and designing customised specifications.

Love That Design, a United Arab Emirates-based online Design brand, has developed a digital platform that provides an organized workflow for the Design and Construction community to streamline and actively manage their projects. The new platform allows businesses to rethink their resources and teams around how work is happening today.

Among the first users of .STUDIO, Kristina Zanic, Founder of Kristina Zanic Design Consultants, said: “As an international Practice, .STUDIO is enabling me to holistically manage all aspects of my business from anywhere in the world. .STUDIO is becoming a very friendly way to work. The idea is that designers have less time to think about the administrative side of what we do and they think more about having more things to do on the creative side.”

Kristina Zanic Consultants talks about their experience
using .Studio

Moving forward, telecommuting is here to stay, as most Design and Construction companies globally are deciding to embrace it as their new normal. With owning the flexibility, Designers can access their data from anywhere in the world and build on information on a single centralized platform. Encouraging the future of work for the Design and Construction community, .STUDIO subtracts the additional working hours and enables the users to specify every detail of a project with perfection and speed.

Being a strategic creation of Love That Design, allows both remote teams and on-site teams to manage their project performance on Cloud. Beyond managing projects, the platform helps companies attain real-time data and insights, all under one roof.

.Studio will help design studios scale their businesses by providing access to relevant data and insights, all in one place and in real time. There is no better time to say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and move into the new decade, with a business tool that has been created specifically for our industry,”

Kathryn Athreya, Managing Director at Roar.

Kathryn Athreya from Roar talks about their experience
using .Studio

At a base price of $40 per user per month, .STUDIO is an affordable investment for any Design and Construction team.

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.STUDIO is a digital Design platform that manages and tracks project resources from Pitch to Completion.

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