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Create and access specifications and project documentation from anywhere on any device. STUDIO helps you create specifications fast, so you can focus on what you do best, creating perfect interiors.

Product Library

Meet your centralized and digital products & materials library. Design teams can easily access the past data, including all documents linked with a product, and all the projects it was used in previously.


Work together with your design team in real-time, across organizations and geographies while creating specifications.

Productivity Analytics

Identify areas for potential productivity improvement. Reduce admin tasks and focus on high-value activities.

Project Pipeline

Keep a track of projects and understand the progress. Organize projects and understand profitability across different client categories.

Project Flow

Improve quoting, streamline invoicing & estimating, and manage the cash flow under one tool.

Opportunity Pipeline

Opportunity Pipelines define your deals funnel and can be used to record each stage of a pending deal within a specific pipeline for projects.

Lead management

Access contact details and track lead status all in the same place. Log your sales activities so you can spend more time working through your pipeline.


Record Estimates based on Goods and Services. Easily track what estimates you give to your prospective customers.

“.STUDIO is becoming a very friendly way to work. The idea is that designers need less time to think about the administrative side of what we do and have more time on the creative side.”

Kristina Zanic, Owner at Kristina Zanic Consultants
.STUDIO Short Stories

“.STUDIO will help design studios scale their businesses by providing access to relevant data and insights, all in one place and in real time. There is no better time to say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and move into the new decade.”

Kathryn Athreya, Managing Director at Roar
.STUDIO Short Stories

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