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How .STUDIO structured workflow from day 0 at kiklos architects

Award-winning boutique architectural and interior design studio, kiklos architects uses .STUDIO to streamline workflow and generate specifications at just a few clicks.

The Challenge

kiklos architects is a boutique architectural and interior design studio that was founded in 2020. The studio firmly believes in combining aesthetics and practicality, and it is this new-age belief that has lauded them a plethora of projects in a short span. The secret behind their success, so far, is simple – to listen and understand the needs, requirements and personas of their clients.

Of this, Grammatiki Zamani, Founder and Principal Architect of kiklos architects, says, “We aim for the road less traveled, and we do it ethically, with elegance, style, and a unique character.” Clearly, customisation is pivotal at kiklos, and with .STUDIO they got just that – a platform tailored to suit their distinct workflow.

For a firm starting from the ground up, the task at hand was not to solve existing issues but to come up with a platform so dependable and efficient that there would be minimal to no hurdles to cross. To have this order in place since its genesis, kiklos turned to .STUDIO.

The Solution:

Using kiklos’ fresh slate to an advantage, the .STUDIO team worked to provide the designers and engineers a singular source of information, a binding directory of sorts. Even before there could be too much to handle, .STUDIO aimed to provide them a platform that could effortlessly track and store projects, no matter the volume. 

However, a crucial detail to keep in mind was that because kiklos was new, the platform could not be rigid and unyielding in usage. 

“We were fortunate to onboard .STUDIO early in kiklos’ existence, so we could build the organization of our projects already with the platform, before it became a challenge for us. The customizable nature of the entire platform is also a plus for us, so that we can tailor, visualize and use only what our team really needs on a daily basis”, says Leonardo Herman, Managing Director at kiklos.

“The .STUDIO team has been a delight to work with, they have been super responsive to our queries and requests, going the extra mile to tweak the platform and make it even more appealing to our necessities and daily usage. It is clear for us that the .STUDIO is a live platform that will continuously evolve and serve its purpose even better. We are very happy to have chosen .STUDIO for kiklos architects.” Leonardo Herman, Managing Director, kiklos.


A friendly interface that allows them to manage workflow seamlessly

.STUDIO helps kiklos swiftly manage opportunities, easily identify and filter projects by its current stage and to keep most of the data relevant to each project (including financials) concentrated in the platform, avoiding countless excel spreadsheets and the endless juggling between them. 

Hassle-free specifications generation and consequent time saving

With all the data stored in one place, specifications are generated at the click of a button. The specifications/FF&E packages and the comprehensive lists can also be exported easily, including the web address for that particular item.

An efficient and thought-out start that led to a planned and organized today

Courtesy of .STUDIO’s assistance, kiklos now has a platform that has recorded its data from the start. With problem-solving adopted at the very root, design and build processes at the studio are extremely structured and undemanding.