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How .STUDIO makes collaboration effortless at MASSA Design

A reputed name in healthcare projects in the UAE, MASSA Design, uses .STUDIO to cut down the hours spent in organising their design practise

“We don’t impose our style, we derive the aesthetics from our clients”, says Karim Khemakhem in a conversation about the working of his design firm, MASSA Design. Although the firm offers all kinds of architecture and interior design services, it mostly works on healthcare and workplace projects, both of which require a lot of strategic planning and problem solving. 

To add to the already overflowing plate, MASSA refuses to adopt a cookie-cutter approach to aesthetics. This explains why he was so excited when he first heard about .STUDIO


At MASSA, collaboration is key. Even if one team is assigned one project, peer reviews and group troubleshooting make sure most employees are a part of the project one way or the other. Collaboration is awesome, but it takes effort to organize and plan. 

Next, MASSA is a sizable firm. The amount of projects make it difficult not just to track technicalities and specifications, but also maintain records of details in the first place.

The Solution:

Upon thorough understanding of MASSA’s operations and the hurdles they face, the team at .STUDIO came up with three target solutions:

It was really good to see someone that’s willing to work with us to make sure the software is a good fit. You don’t see this quite often. The previous software that we have for the specification was stiff and hard to work. With no one to approach, it was extremely difficult and everything took quite a long time. With .STUDIO, it was almost instantaneous and we were able to really get what we wanted.” – Karim Khemakhem, Founder, MASSA Design.


Collaboration at MASSA is now seamless. Following multiple discussions with MASSA, .STUDIO was able to come up with a software system that makes it easy for employee’s at the firm to view each other’s work. Not just that, generating specifications is hassle-free. With the list of vendors and suppliers fed in the system, detailing occurs at just a few clicks.